Saturday, December 24, 2011

White Christmas In Manila

And now we present to you our Christmas surprise!

"White Christmas In Manila" is a compilation of videos from Libera's recent Manila tour. It includes their live performance at ASAP Rocks, Meet & Greet at SM North Edsa - The Block, and their Christmas concert at thePICC. 
All of the materials used are personal videos and photos except

"Carol of the bells music video"
"The Christmas Album preview"
"Himig ng pasko"

"Carol of the bells Live @ ASAP Rocks"

(c) CIRE1112

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Libera Cycle

This is Libera performing 'I Have a dream.'

The music video was posted more than 4 years ago, and the song is even older than that.

The thing is, all of the boys that you will see on this video are not members of Libera anymore; either they quit or they became too old for the choir's 16-years-old age limit. This has been the protocol of Libera that even the fans had learned to accept: that all Libera members are not permanent; all of us aren't Peter Pan who can stay forever young. Even if the choir make use of the lower voice from the older members, they still limit the choristers' ages up to the maximum age of 16.

Tom Cully, Edward Day,Micheal Horncastle -- Who doesn't know them? They are just some of the most known soloists of Libera who gave us songs which still stayed on the hearts of the fans up to now. So where are they? Some of them just stop going on tour. After seeing them performing on a concert, their absence to the next concerts are just alarming: fans started to be alarmed and this is the most frustrating feeling of all, especially when a chorister is almost at the so-called 'last year.'

It's very saddening to see your favorite Libera chorister left the choir. You came to love them and be inspired with their music through the years that they have spent singing in the choir. It's like meeting a relative, and suddenly, they'll be gone. Boys of 7-years-old joins the choir in exchange of those who left. That's just the cycle: it repeats and repeats and it never stops. That's why Libera is always there since they started at around 1992.

The 2011 batch of Libera is quite different. They are bringing the biggest number of libera on tour so far. New members started to get the attention of the fans really fast, and that's just as good, since names like Liam Connery, Josh Madine, Alex Legget, Sam Legget and the other old members are already in their last years. Not to say that they should leave the choir as soon as they reach the age of 17, but that's just how it is and we have to accept that old members will leave one day and new little angels will join the choir.

Just recently, James Mordaunt and Freddie Ingles left the choir. that was a very alarming news to the libera community since both of them are still very young and they just joined Libera for their 'Peace' album which came out just last year. they became the favorite of most of the fans since they are very good soloists, and the impact of the news are just intense. That only implies that age doesn't matter. Personal reasons could also be cause of them leaving the choir. However, newbies such as Eoghan, Barney, Jakub, and many more young boys joined the 2011 batch. they are very good soloists too!

The old ones left and new ones came. that is the libera cycle that will happen again and again with no end. That means, that as long as there are fans supporting the angel voices, libera will always be there to give us the music that we enjoyed.

The song 'Lullabye' form the repackaged 'Peace' album is very metaphoric. The lyrics are implying to us a lot of theings, that Libera will forever be with us, even if some of the members are already gone. It's the perfect exit for Josh since it was his last solo that made it as a music video: Josh talking to the younger boys as if telling to them the lullabye of eternity.

A line form the song is "Someday we'll all be gone but Lullabyes go on and on; they never die that's how you and i will be." LIBERA'S MUSIC WILL NEVER DIE.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Birthday Gift to Josh from Indonesia

My friend Yuni from Facebook sent me a package which was supposed to be a birthday gift for Josh. She send the gift for me to give it during their recent Manila tour. Unfortunately, the package arrived one day late. Libera's PICC concert happened last October 25 and it arrived the next morning; the same day they left for Cebu.
Yuni said it is okay for me to have it but I still don't consider it as my own. All I can say is, is that Josh would have love it if I was only able to give it...

Here are some pictures of what's inside the package... I was pretty surprise when I opened it... Simple, but adorable! Very nice, Yuni!

I wonder if she made it herself.

"You're the best!" written at the back.

I love how my camera flash made it look like it's glowing.

Happy 17th birthday Josh! How creative, Yuni!

The parcel box.

I love it!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Libera uploaded a new music video for 'Eternal Light'

Following the release of Libera's new album in Japan, a new version of 'Eternal Light' music video is included as a bonus.
You may watch it here:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Libera's Christmas Album is still on TOP!

Thank you so much to PolyEast records for sharing this awesome news... and CONGRATULATIONS to you!

Libera topped Philippines' Foreign and Foreign/OPM charts with their Christmas album! Congratulations, Libera and to PolyEast Records. You guys deserve it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Libera Concert in PICC (October 25, 2011)

The angelic voice of Libera was heard once again in their Christmas concert last night that happened at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Pasay City, marking their third Philippine visit in promotion to their latest record, “The Christmas Album.”
Just before the ‘sold-out’ concert last night, Filipino fans gave them what seems like, 'the warmest welcome of all' by putting their Christmas album on the top of Philippine Music charts, both OPM and foreign.

Photo credits to Atroplus.

The venue – Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), which is located in CCP Complex, Pasay City, Metro Manila hosted the first of the two concerts of Libera in the Philippines. It has been the all-time venue of various social events such as conventions, meetings, fairs, and concerts just like this one.

PICC's facade.
PICC's titanic lobby.
PICC's extension lobby with a huge, beautiful painting in the far wall.
Libera's promotional poster found in the lobby.
A boy's choir who came to watch the concert.

The concert started at 8:00 in the evening, but we were let inside the Plenary hall at exactly 7:20. The line is already too long more than half an hour before the show started, showing that Libera really sold out their concert.

People lining up in the lobby.
Upon entering the Plenary hall.
A very long line of concert goers!
Checking our concert tickets.

Inside Plenary Hall’s lobby, a huge crowd was already packed with people lining up to enter the main venue. The line was divided into two; one is for the lower levels and the other for the ones who will be watching over the balcony. At the far left, a long table was set wherein they sell Libera’s albums and concert programs that went with a free poster.

Line (above) for the balcony. Line (below) for the lower levels.
Concert programs for the Manila Concert.
The table where they sell the concert programs, posters, and CD's.
Free poster
Aww I like this photo. A little boy buying Libera's album.
They also sell combo items.
Here is it again... their new album!

At around 7:40, people started to enter the Plenary hall. It is my first time to enter the venue, and all I can say is WOW, it’s massive and it can conveniently accommodate 4,000 people at most. Girls and boys wearing Filipiniana dresses were scattered around the hall, assisting everyone with their seat locations. At the center was the stage; huge enough to give way to the 28 boys of Libera who went on tour to the Philippines this year, being their first ever biggest contingent, bringing some new members who are currently on their first time away from home (lucky Philippines!).  In both sides of the stage, two huge screens were projecting the different sponsors of the event, and will later project the concert.

The girl in Filipiniana dress who assisted us with our seat locations.
The whole of the stage.
This is exactly how far my seat was from the stage.
Screens projected on both sides of the stage. There you can see a UK flag. At the other side was the PH flag. Happy Phils-UK friendship week!
The audience over the balcony.
From 7:40 to past 8:00, people filled in all the empty seats before the concert proper started at exactly 8:20.

Talking about a sold-out show?

The concert was spearheaded by the presentation of the two National Anthems of both UK and the Philippines, followed by a short message by the chairman of the British Alumni Association, Mr. Robert de Ocampo, who is also responsible for making this year’s tour possible. The highlights of his speech are as follows:
“Christmas conjures many happy thoughts and memories of family get togethers, midnight Mass, colorful twinkling lights, gift givings and delectable dinners as people seem to come together in peace and harmony to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ heralded as it was then by angels’ voices spreading the good news to shepherds and kings. What better way could there be to herald the onset of this year’s Christmas in the Philippines than with the sound of angels’ voices proclaiming Christmas as brought to us by the celestial sounds of the world’s foremost boy’s choir, LIBERA?”
Mr. de Ocampo also made it a point that Libera’s Philippine visit this year is a part of the celebration of the Philippines-UK Friendship week.
The concert started at around 8:30 with dim light and 6 boys in white robes appearing on stage. As the light started to go on, 2 more boys entered the stage, 3 more, the taller boys went in, until all 28 boys of Libera filled the stage, opening up with the songs ‘Jubilate Deo’ and ‘Libera.’ It was then followed by a short but hilarious introduction by Barney and Cassius, introducing the choir and what we are to expect for the evening. It is quite familiar already to those who have been watching the previous concerts of Libera, but their introduction last night was a little bit different because they added their new Christmas songs from their album. This is the first time that they performed them live, in PICC!
The next song was ‘Joy to the world,’ their first Christmas song for the evening, which stirred up the audience a little bit with their amazing rendition! I kind of felt the Christmas season for the first time this year! Mr. de Ocampo was right in his message, what a good way to celebrate the season, indeed! It was followed by the song ‘Still, still, still’ with Ralph doing the solo parts.

The lighting from above. I love the hall's ceiling. 

Ralph did the solos again with their next song, ‘Song of life.’ I love the performance! It was so lively and smooth. Well done, Ralph! What a splendid voice he has. So perfect! 
Another funny introduction was made by Cassius and Barney, bringing in a small moose doll named ‘Moose.’ This one made the audience laughing loud. They also gave us some things about their music, harmonies, and blending, wherein the next song was introduced; ‘Sanctus.’
‘Salva me’ was performed next with Matthew Madine standing in the usual place of the soloist who sang the traditional high ‘Salvas.’ He really did it well after Tom Cully and Joseph Snelling. It is also my first time to hear his voice standing out of Libera.
Next was ‘Stay with me.’ As expected, Daniel did the solo parts with Cassius, and with Matthew again with some of the high notes.
The audiences, mostly Josh’s fans, have had their hearts melt with his very low but still-pure voice as he joined Ralph in the song, ‘Veni Emmanuel.’ The lights of the stage did very well on their robes; it was like their traditional monk uniforms were absorbing the light and reflected it to the audience like a radiant light. I love this part where all the boys except for Josh and Ralph were at the far end of the stage. They have had their faces covered under their hoods while orange and yellow lights played around their robes.
After Stefan singing the solos of the song, ‘Exultate,’ Libera went backstage for a 15-minutes break. During that time, I called my friends who were over the balcony and shared our experiences and happiness over the first part of the show.
‘Carol of the bells’ was sung after the interval. This is their second time to perform this song live after their appearance at ASAP Rocks last Sunday. This is my favorite song from the album and I really enjoyed it as they performed it live. You won’t be able to see this kind of choreography anywhere else since this song was performed in concert first, just yesterday. ‘Gloria in Excelsis’ followed it.
Another short introduction by Cassius and a new member (I forgot his name. Please comment below if you know) intervened the show. This is their traditional monk-uniform introduction that you might have heard already in their Angel Voices DVD. This is, once again, very funny when Cassius covered his face with his hoodie and was left on center stage as ‘The fountain’ started. Of course, it is part of the show.
Ralph’s voice was amazing with this song, especially with the last chorus wherein he raised his voice to a note I never thought possible to reach. Listening to ‘The fountain’ live is just like listening to it directly from my CD. It was done very smoothly! Good job, Ralph!
Stefan went back to center stage to do his solos for ‘Eternal light.’ Once again, it is like hearing it from the record! So pure and smooth… although I felt that he’s a little bit nervous in the beginning because his voice is kind of shaking, he brought it down in the end.
The concert came to its last part with the songs ‘Sing the story,’ ‘Ave Verum,’ In dulci Jubilo,’ ‘Glory to thee,’ and ‘How shall I sing this majesty’ as their good bye song. After their bows, the light went off.
What happens next became the highlight of the concert. The audience gave them a really huge round of applause that happened for like, more than a minute! That’s very long I can’t even remember how long it was before we stopped clapping our hands while the others were shouting “more!”
Due to the audiences’ demands, the light went on again and they sang ‘White Christmas’ with Stefan as the soloist. The chorus goes like this: "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..." and I felt like it;s already a dream come true; Libera is our White Christmas; they are our snow; they are our angels.
This is one of their best songs for the night and people clapped hard as I saw their eyes shining toward the stage. Just like me, I can’t take my ears and eyes off of them.

Just as I thought that the concert is over (quite disappointed that they did not sing ‘Bayan ko’ this time), Libera gave another surprise song to us! And guess what, IT’S A TAGALOG CHRISTMAS SONG called ‘Himig ng Pasko!’ With this song, people just can’t stop clapping their hands, especially for Ralph who is doing the solos this time. Wow! I can understand almost all of his tagalong words! His Filipino accent was brilliant! I wonder how long they prepared for this.

This is my one and only picture as the boys wave good bye to us. Picture taking was discouraged during the show.
The concert ended with Nano Ben saying "Maraming salamat po, mahal namin ang Pilipinas!" (Thank you very much, we love the Philippines!). Man! He's accent is so adorable and cute!

Thank you so much Libera for the amazing show! And THANKS A LOT FOR THE FINAL SURPRISE! I was breathless just listening to it and my hands turned red while I clapped unstopping! Hope to see you again NEXT YEAR!

Good bye, Plenary hall.
Fans waiting for the boys to come out and do another afterconcert m&g.
Staffs fixing the stage after the concert. I saw Mr. Robert Prizeman there!

After the concert, libera did another meet & greet/album signing in the lobby. Only 150 album holders were allowed to fall in line since it is already late and fans are crowding in over the lobby.

In this video, you can see Ben hugging my LPH co-admins, Larissa, and her sister, Patricia... We also gave Josh another gift for his birthday, which is actually 30 minutes after that video was taken. Yes, it's already 11:30PM in that time.
When I said "See you (hopefully) again, next year to Isaac, he told me, "We're definitely coming back next year."
Oh well that's a very good news, because we, Filipino fans, just can't get enough of Libera!


Monday, October 24, 2011

An encounter with Libera's director and the other old members

During the second batch of yesterday's meet & greet at SM City North Edsa - The block, people started to leave the venue after they have had their items signed by the boys. At around 5 to 6 in the afternoon, only a few of us are left because we decided to stay even though our turn is already done.
While Libera is busy signing others' albums and posters, we (me together with my Libera friends) saw Mr. Robert Prizeman, Sam Coates, Steven Geraghty and Ben Crawley having coffee in a nearby shop. Since I still have 2 Liberians Philippines 2012 calendars left, I decided to give one to Mr. Prizeman so we came over to them.
I was the one who approached them. At first I was shy because they are talking while drinking coffee, and I know that they are having a private time in the mall. Still, I came and said, "Hello Mr. Prizeman, I have something for you." and I gave him the calendar.

He was wearing ear buds that time. He removed it when we came over to them and told us that, "I have these because it's too loud in here."
I'm glad that he likes the calendar, he showed it to the three other guys with him and asked them if they have seen it already.
I also showed them the sketch of Josh and Jonathan that my friend, Gerson gave me. Unfortunately, he already went home that time.
"Did you draw this? It looks real! Look at this. " Mr. Prizeman said.
Hahahaha how I wish I have that talent. I told him, "Oh no, my friend drew those and he gave it to me. Unfortunately he went home already."

After that small chit-chat with them, we tried to ask if we could have a picture with him but he said no saying that, "I'm ugly." (of course, he's joking). 

And then, we left and headed back to the meet & greet venue.